God’s Design for the Human Body

The human body is a complex wonder created by God. Learn about each system of the body and see how God designed our bodies to be truly amazing. Make a map of your tongue, a mold of your teeth, and a poster of your entire body. This is a fun and easy way to help your children realize they were created in God’s image.

Class time consists of science experiments, vocabulary skills, and weekly cumulative review. Homework includes weekly reading, review questions and vocabulary study.


Star Spangled Story

Designed for children in elementary school, this is a one year U.S. history course. It features simple lessons with easy-to-follow instructions, full-color photographs and illustrations, and engaging supplemental activities. This course is designed to be used with multiple elementary ages.

Class time consists of a lesson reading, and lesson review questions, hands-on activities, and weekly cumulative review. Homework includes weekly reading and review questions, literature assignments, and a timeline project.


Essentials in Writing

This DVD driven writing program guides students in short lessons using a systematic, step by step approach with immediate application. It makes use of graphic organizers focusing on organizing information,and models writing for students. As this course is not designed for multiple ages groups, parents should purchase the appropriate grade level for their student. In this curriculum, students will learn to identify and apply parts of speech to sentence structure. They will also learn effective writing skills including expository, descriptive, and persuasive writing; proper paragraph structure, news articles, narratives, personal letters, essays, and research projects.

Class time consists of weekly review of foundational grammar skills, and public presentation of writing assignments. Homework includes daily lessons and weekly writing assignments that follow a rubric.


Grade Level Math of Choice

For the math portion of our program, parents should purchase a grade-level math curriculum of their choosing. Illumination recommends a traditional approach to mathematics. (A Beka, Bob Jones,etc.)

Class time consists of weekly review of math concepts (units of measure, multiplication tables, word and logic problems.) Each week students will be presented with a “real life” math problem they are to solve as a team. Homework includes daily lessons that follow the curriculum of choice.


Summit Ministries – Building on the Rock -Servanthood

Children’s beliefs and values develop early in life, and students bring these into the classroom. Foundational beliefs and values influence how students interpret knowledge and guide their actions. Building on the Rock is a unique curriculum designed to help elementary students interpret knowledge and build foundational beliefs and values from a biblical perspective. In an age of competing worldviews, this curriculum will help young students formulate a biblical perspective of the world and then live accordingly. Building on the Rock incorporates worldview and Bible survey curricula in a way that cohesively presents the affirmations of the biblical worldview within the historic biblical truths of creation, the fall, and redemption. It also lays the groundwork for later comparative worldview studies at the secondary and higher levels of education. Although this curriculum was designed for different grade levels, Illumination will use the 4th grade book on servanthood for all
3rd-5th graders during Cycle 1.

Class time consists of weekly review and discussion of passages. Homework includes Bible reading, daily lessons, and review questions.​


At the end of the academic year, students in 3rd-5th grade will come together to compete in “Masterminds”, a quiz-bowl challenge that evaluates their mastery of the Cycle 1 Material. Teams of 3-4 students (with up to 2 alternates) will battle it out buzzer style! At the end of the competition, one team will be left standing as the “MASTERMINDS”.​