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Graduation Requirements

One of the most overwhelming things to many homeschool parents is making sure that they fulfill NC graduation requirements. In North Carolina, the law is very lenient toward homeschooling families. Whatever you say fulfills a requirement, does. However, if you have a student with plans for post high school education, we believe it is a good idea to (at minimum) follow the NC Public Education GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS.

For college bound students, plan on a minimum of: 4 English credits, 4 Math credits, 3 Science credits, 4 History credits, 2 World Language credits (these must be the same language), 1 Health/PE credit. Students need enough elective credits to total 22 credit hours.

For career bound or community college students, plan on a minimum of: 4 English credits, 3 Math credits, 2 Science credits, 2 History credits, 1 Health/PE credit. Students need enough elective credits to total 22 credit hours. It is highly recommended that at least 4 of those hours pertain to some kind of career/technical education.


It is important to keep your homeschool registration updated. If you have a change of address, add a new student, etc., make sure you revise the data here.

Driving Certificate

In North Carolina, homeschool students under 18 who wish to earn their driver’s permit, must have a DEC (Driver’s Eligibility Certificate) issued by the state. Click here to log in to your account and apply for the form.

Homeschool ID

Are you trying to make updates or apply for a DEC and can’t remember your homeschool ID? You can look it up here!

Homeschool Verification Card

Many local aquariums, museums, bookstores, etc. give discount rates to homeschoolers, but ask that they provide proof. Click here to log in and print your NC approved verification card.

Attendance Record

All NC homeschool families are required to keep an attendance record on file for each student. Click here for a printable record.

State Testing

One of the three requirements for NC homeschoolers is to test each student annually with an approved state test.

Illumination offers annual testing with the Stanford 10. We test 9:00am-12:00pm for three consecutive days each spring. To test with Illumination click here.

Another popular option for homeschoolers is the Woodcock Johnson test. Derrick Bowman, with Bowman Academic Services, is a well known tester in the triad area. Click here to register for his services.

For a complete list of approved tests in NC, click here.

Common App

As your high school student gets ready to apply for college, you will find many schools that request the “Common App”. The Common App is an undergraduate admission application that applicants may use to apply to any of more than 800 member colleges and universities in 49 states and the District of Columbia, as well as Canada, China, and many European countries. However, parents that have gone through this process with their homeschool students will attest that it can be a tedious, overwhelming affair!

Homeschool college consultant, Lisa Davis, has written a wonderful guide to the Common App. We promise it is worth your time!