How do I start?

To begin homeschooling in North Carolina, you will have to file a Notice of Intent with the NCDNPE (North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education).

To operate a legal*** homeschool, you will need to agree to the following:

1. Maintain a proper attendance chart.

2. Keep a vaccination record (or letter of exemption) on file.

3. Perform an annual state approved test and keep the records on file. (Illumination provides an opportunity to test with our group. There are also other options listed on our “Important Links” page.


What are the requirements?

To become the operator of a North Carolina homeschool, you will need:

1. to be a resident of NC.

2. to provide evidence to the state of a legal high school diploma or GED (when filing your Notice of Intent).

3. to provide a valid email address to use the NC homeschool system.

4. to operate your school on a regular schedule for at least 9 months out of the year.


At Illumination, we do not recommend homeschooling if there is not a parent present in the home. Your student may be super smart, but even the best of kids have trouble staying on task when they are not monitored. Homeschooling is a HUGE commitment. Don’t let curriculum ads convince you that you can be “hands-off” with your child’s education.

How do I know what curriculum to use?

Choosing curriculum can be overwhelming. For parents new to homeschooling, it is worth the admission price to the Book Fair at the annual homeschool convention. This is a tremendous opportunity to look through all the options available and compare them side by side.

If you missed the convention, we recommend a trip to Gullion’s Bookstore. (The staff there is incredibly equipped to answer your questions. Plan to stay several hours!) There are two location in our area: Statesville and King.

Of course, from our perspective, we have chosen the perfect curriculum, so you should choose us!